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  • Screening questionnaire the day before your appointment.

  • Wait in your car if you arrive early.

  • Come to your appointment alone unless a chaperone is required (must be discussed prior to appointment).

  • A mask or a face covering must be worn upon entry to the building.

  • Temperature will be taken on arrival.

  • Hand sanitiser to be used on entry/ hands to be washed on entry.

  • Only one toilet in use - rest of the building out of bounds.

  • If you have any questions please get in touch.

  • Increased cleaning of the clinic room and public areas.

  • PPE will be in place. (Sessionally masks, disposable gloves and aprons)

  • Appointments will be spaced to allow cleaning time and aeration of the room.

  • PVC couch covers and pillow cases to ensure hygiene standards are met.

  • Stripped down clinic room to the necessities to aid cleaning.

  • GDPR policy updated to include the current advice regarding passing essential (non medical) data if a n outbreak occurs in clinic/requested



1. You sanitise your hands in reception upon arrival

2. Case history is taken as normal, chairs remain two meters apart

3. I wash my hands and then gloves are popped on (my face mask and a fresh apron will be put on before you arrive)

4. Examination & treatment will take place as normal

5. At the end of the treatment, the gloves and apron will be removed and placed into the secure PPE bin bag, hands will be rewashed. 

6. You leave hopefully feeling better, the room is thoroughly deep cleaned and mopped, as well as the reception area and toilet (including all door handles and the hand sanitiser bottle) & aerated for 30 minutes.

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